What to drink with beef bourguignon?

Updated on December 14, 2022

The beef bourguignon, we often talk about it but we rarely cook it! Autumn or winter dish for some, inter season dish for others, the beef bourguignon crosses the centuries. For proof it is one of the favorite dishes of the French! The preparation with red wine obliges to serve a red wine. But the real debate lies in the region of the wine. Which wine to serve with a beef bourguignon?

Matching terroirs: give preference to Burgundy wines

Let's use the good old rule of terroir: associate a dish with a wine from the same region. A dish from Burgundy will therefore be served with a wine fromBurgundy. The food and wine pairing is largely valid.

However, not just any Burgundy wine will do. As beef bourguignon is a powerful dish in taste, you will need a wine capable of containing this power to sublimate the dish. If you choose a light wine, the risk is that it will taste bland compared to your dish.

Which wine to use with a beef bourguignon?

Here are the red wines of Burgundy that you can serve with a beef bourguignon:

Of course, there are other regions in France where the wines are equally strong. These regions are also suitable for beef bourguignon.

What wine to serve with a beef bourguignon when you don't want a Burgundy wine?

Which wine to pair with YOUR beef bourguignon?... now it's up to you to choose and see if you are more into Burgundy wines or wines from another region.

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