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Oenotourisme France - Tendance : faire son enterrement de vie de jeune fille dans les vignes - Les Grappes

Trend: having a bachelorette party in the vineyards

You've been chosen as the best man for your best friend's wedding, congratulations! After the outpourings, laughter, tears and many thanks, it's flattering at the time... Av...

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Température de service des vins - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

Serving temperature of the wines

Restaurateurs, Cavists and Gourmands, here is an article that will be precious to you! The Grape Bunches show you at what temperature to serve your wines. This is the perfect way to improve your service, and to make sure that your wines are...

Oenologie - Tout savoir sur le Beaujolais Nouveau - Les Grappes

All about Beaujolais Nouveau

Wine lover or not, you will inevitably come across posters celebrating the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau in your neighbourhood, your street and especially your local wine shop. It's autumn, it's normal, ...

Oenologie - L'influence de la lune sur le goût du vin - Les Grappes

The influence of the moon on the taste of wine

No question of night dancing, witch remedies or incongruous beliefs, the Lunar Calendar has been widely used in viticulture for decades. Winegrowers are not going to...

Mets & Vins - Que boire avec un côte de veau ? - Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with a veal chop?

Nice piece, the veal chop is a sure thing. Very well known "à la normande", purists will tell you that it is a meat full of finesse and delicacy ... Finesse and delicacy, here is ...

Mets & Vins - Que boire avec l’osso buco ? - Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with the osso buco?

If you are in a hurry The strength of the veal and the acidity of the sauce call for strong wines in taste. The red wine is a favourite: Bandol en Provence and Baux-de-Provence. In rosé: Côtes...

Mets & Vins - Que boire avec un confit de canard ? - Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with a duck confit?

Duck confit is a classic culinary dish of our French gastronomy. Very often served with Salad potatoes, the duck confit is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes in France.

Mets & Vins - Que boire avec une blanquette ? - Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with a blanquette?

If you are in a hurry Burgundy whites, such as Saint-Romain, Rully or Pernand-Vergelesses A Blanc de Saint-Amour (Beaujolais) A Burgundy red ( A Saumur-Champigny (Loire) What wine...

Oenotourisme France - Les meilleures périodes pour partir sur les Routes des Vins en France - Les Grappes

The best times to set off on the Wine Routes in France

You want to go and visit a winery but don't know when to go yet? Don't worry, there's not really a season to go and visit our winegrowers. Throughout the year, we...

Accords Mets-Vins - Quel vin avec un cochon grillé ? Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What wine with a grilled pig?

The season of big family, friends or wedding meals is coming. It was time to look at a dish that is becoming more and more popular: grilled pork. What a wine with the grilled pig...

METS & VINS Que boire avec du Jambon de Lacaune ?
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with Jambon de Lacaune?

Tonight, we feel like spending the evening with a delicious dry-cured mountain ham that comes straight from the Tarn: the Lacaune ham. Our wine-loving friend Alexis Proust and found them .

Mets-Vins -  Que boire avec un saumon Gravlax ? Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with a Gravlax salmon?

You may have heard of a new style of salmon coming straight from Scandinavia: gravlax salmon. A seasoned salmon marinated in dill. It's a change from the traditional salmon...