Savoy Wine Tour

At the foot of the Alps, go on the Savoy Wine Route to discover the region's noble wines. You can now find them on the greatest chef's tables and with the finest dishes, however, Savoy wines used to be in the shadow for a long time before being brought to light. The AOC of Savoy has different wines such as ripaille, marin, marignan, or montmélian...

The origin of Savoy wines goes back to Antiquity, authors of that time wrote praises on these wines in the 1st century AD. The Savoy vineyard covers more than 1,900 hectares unevenly and discontinuously on four departments of the Rhônes Alpes region (Savoy, Haute Savoie, Isère, Ain).

Savoy is known for the beauty of its landscapes. It is a region adored by nature lovers, sportsmen, hikers but also wine lovers. Discover its wines and explore Savoy, between lakes and mountains to contemplate exceptional landscapes.

Among the main cities in Savoy that you can visit there is: Juvigny and Jussy.

Les Grappes offers you an itinerary to start on the Savoy Wine Route, visit some of the region's estates through different cities, and discover the Savoyard culture.

Château de Mérande

Start your journey in the heart of Savoy and not far from Chambéry, at Château de Mérande. The Knees family has been passing on land for several generations but above all transmits a vocation and a passion for the vine. The estate extends over 12 hectares of vines and the entire vineyard is biodynamically managed.

André and Daniel are the fifth generation of this domain. Located in Arbin, on the slopes of the Savoyarde at the foot of the Bauges massif. The clay-limestone soil and its south and south-east orientation are ideal for growing vines. The vines are mainly in the Arbin Mondeuse appellation, but also in Roussette de Savoie, Bergeron, or Apremont.

After a stroll in the vineyard, and a visit to the cellars, André and Daniel invite you to taste several of their wines and for the lucky ones to finish your visit with a Savoyard meal to discover the region's specialities.

Roussette de Savoie

It is not a Savoy Wine Route if we do not discover this appellation. The Roussette de Savoie appellation is located in the southern Alps wine region. It is one of the main appellations of the Savoie region and is spread over 50 hectares. The vineyard under the AOC Roussette de Savoie is exposed South or West depending on the area.

It benefits from a continental-Montane climate with oceanic and Mediterranean influences that favour the maturity of the grapes. The appellation takes its name from the grape variety used to make white wines: l'Altesse, also known as Roussette.

The Roussette de Savoie has a pale yellow colour, very bright. On the nose, it opens with notes of nuts, honey, dried fruit and floral aromas. On the palate, this wine is frank and lively. These wines are of great finesse.

As for gastronomy, Les Grappes recommends that you serve it with pieces of Beaufort as an aperitif, or with salmon in papillote.


A city in southeastern France, located at the foot of the mountains between the Drac and the Isère, you must absolutely discover Grenoble.

It is the ideal city to practice winter sports but also to discover a modern and dynamic city, with museums and a city centre that never sleeps. It is a modern city but also with a rich historical heritage. Stroll through the city's historic district to discover Grenoble's heritage with Place Saint-André, or the fountains on Place Grenette.

At an altitude of 475m, the Bastille fort dominates and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city of Grenoble and the Isère valley. This fort was built between 1823 and 1848 to protect the Dauphiné of the Duchy of Savoy.

Grenoble's specialities. In Grenoble, walnut trees grow. The walnut is the first walnut to have a registered designation of origin! We let you imagine the quality of this nut... Also taste the ravioles of Royan, a typical local product that appeals to everyone, or the Bleu of Vercors Sassenage.

Domaine Allemand

Head to the heart of the Hautes-Alpes mountains to see the high altitude vineyards of the German Domain. Discover a vineyard that is among the highest in Europe. The Allemand family has owned this estate since 1954. Today, Laetitia Allemand and her father Marc are in charge. The clay-limestone soil of the vineyard is stony and gives a very special taste to their wine.

The history of this estate is special because it is Louis, Laetitia's grandfather, who was the first in the region to devote himself to viticulture in order to offer quality wines. At the time, it was not common in the Alps to cultivate vines, each family owned parcels of vines but they were devoted to their personal consumption.

Laetitia and her father invite you to stroll through the heart of the vines by their side so that they can tell you all the secrets of their estate, from the harvest to the bottling of the wine. This tour is followed by a tasting of the Domaine's emblematic wines accompanied by local cheeses and wine confit from the Domaine Allemand.


In the Hautes-Alpes is the charming town of Gap. In this city you can admire the magnificent Cathedral of Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Arnoux. This cathedral is the seat of the bishopric of Gap and Embrun. It was built between 1866 and 1904 in the Gothic Revival style. Since 1906 it has been classified as a historical monument. It is also the city's tallest building at 70 metres. If you are going to Gap for a weekend, we also advise you to visit the Gap Departmental Museum. This museum is dedicated to archaeology, history and art.

Gap is a historic city, it is linked to the history of the Dauphiné, but it is also a city full of surprises. Voted the most sporting city in France in 2013, Gap is the perfect place if you want to test new outdoor activities. If you are a lover of high and medium mountain sports, this city is just what you need.

The climate in Gap is pleasant, it is a Mediterranean climate under mountain influence. It is rarely too hot but it is always sunny. Here, the sun shines 300 days a year, so it is perfect for outdoor activities, sports, outings, walks, culture and relaxation...