Rhône Wine Tour

The Rhône will be your guide for this adventure, all you have to do is follow it. The Rhône Valley vineyard extends on both sides of the Rhône, from Vienne to Valence in the North, and from Montélimar to Avignon in the South. This vineyard is full of history and various great wines with world-famous appellations. On this tour, you will discover two distinct landscapes, the first marked by its hills and great plains while on the second the vines grow on a more arid land between olive trees and lavender.

The stops on our Rhone Valley Wine Route:

  1. North Rhone Valley Wine Route
  2. South Rhone Valley Wine Route

The vineyard extends over nearly 80,000 hectares and the variations of the Mediterranean climate and the complex soils give the Rhône Valley wine a marked character by seducing many.

In this region, the winegrowers produce their wines with passion, taking advantage of the breath of the Mistral and the sun.

Among the main cities in the Rhône region that you can visit there is: Valence, Avignon and Arles.

Don't miss out the opportunity to visit some of the region's areas to discover its heritage, its terroir, and its specificities. Come and taste the wines that are the pride of the Rhône region and discover wine tourism!

The Wine Route of the main Rhone appellations

Northern Rhône Wine Route

The northern Rhône Valley runs along the Rhône and extends from Vienna to Valencia over 4,700 hectares. It offers you a magnificent Wine Tour. The vineyard is boosted by a temperate climate with sometimes rains that allow the vine to avoid suffering from drought. Its south-east and south-west exposure allows it to enjoy a beautiful sunshine. This same sunshine will make your walks between the vines very pleasant.

This tour allows you to discover a rich cultural heritage, in wines, landscapes and gastronomy. You can spend your holidays in this region and visit the historical village of Vienna, with St. Stephen's Cathedral and the famous Vienna cafés. You should not miss out during your tour the city of Valencia which is one of the most beautiful cities in the northern Rhône.

Structured and elegant, the red wines produced in the northern part of the Rhône are powerful. The white wines emit intense aromas on the nose so that everyone can find their happiness. In this section, you will discover the region's most famous appellations such as Hermitage or Côte-Rôtie.

Southern Rhône Wine Route

In the southern part of the Rhone Valley, we find red, white, rosé and sparkling wines to everyone's pleasure. The vineyard covers 71,000 hectares, which is much larger than the northern region.

If you wish to discover the region in a way other than through wine, we recommend a boat trip on the Rhône canal from Sète. The city of Avignon remains marked in spite of time by an exceptional heritage, known for its Popes' Palace but also for the famous Avignon Bridge, it represents part of the cultural wealth that the South Rhône can offer you.

The size of the vineyard allows the production of wines of great diversity. They are often made by blending one or more grape varieties. The red wines are full-bodied, supple and aromatic. Dry rosé wines are light on the palate and have red fruit notes on the nose. The white wines are dry and aromatic. It is in the South of the Rhône that the remarkable Châteauneuf de Pape is made, one of the greatest wines in France. You will also discover other appellations such as Vacqueyras and Gigondas.

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