Alsace Wine Tour

The Alsace Wine Route is clearly the pioneer of our French wine circuits! Indeed, in 2019, it celebrated its 65th anniversary. Since 1953, several thousand wine lovers have been following the route that guides them through the Alsatian vineyard.

The steps of our Alsace Wine Route :

  1. Maison Zeyssolff
  2. Domaine Gustave Lorentz
  3. Domaine Marcel Freyburger
  4. Domaine Saint-Rémy
  5. Domaine Rieflé-Landmann
  6. Cave Materne Haegelin

Historically, the Alsace Wine Route was created by the Tourist Office of the region to host an automobile rally. The route is punctuated by stopovers where participants meet winegrowers and taste their wines. Finally, Alsace is the cradle of wine tourism in France.

In a few figures, the Alsace Wine Route is a 170-kilometre route that goes through more than 70 municipalities. In total, you will have the opportunity to stop in more than 300 areas between Marlenheim and Thann. Fans of Grands Crus Alsaciens will be able to taste 49 of the 51 wines of this prestigious appellation during their circuit. In the middle of your Alsace Wine Route, the city of Colmar offers you a total immersion in the culture of the Far East: half-timbered houses, gingerbread and Riesling.

Among the main cities in Alsace that you can visit there is: Colmar, Sélestat, Lingolsheim and Molsheim.

Exclusively for you, wine lovers, discover the Alsace Wine Route made up of our winegrowers.

Must-see wineries in Alsace

Zeyssolff Winery

It is in this village located a few minutes from Strasbourg that you will make your first romantic encounter. Our first stop is at Yvan Zeyssolff, in Gertwiller! This small village of just over 1000 inhabitants, nestled in the heart of the Alsatian vineyard, is specialised in the production of gingerbread in France. Not only is it a city of gastronomy, but also a city of art; you cannot miss out on the Folie Marco Museum, where you can admire the beautiful collection of Alsatian decorative art.

As for wine, the Zeyssolff winery takes care of everything. Founded in 1778, it is one of the oldest wine producers in the region. Yvan can introduce you to Alsace with a wide range of visits and tastings: from simple tastings to visits in the cellar, along with agreement of dishes and wines with an Alsatian tourte.

Gustave Lorentz Winery

Head south towards Bergheim. After a few kilometers, you will discover this charming medieval town which, along with Gertwiller, is a flagship stage of Alsatian wine tourism. You will have the opportunity to feel like a knight by visiting one of the many fortified castles such as Château Saint-Ulrich, Château du Girsberg or Château du Haut-Ribeaupierre. Often located at the top of the hillsides, one notices particularly well from the alleys of Bergheim, that these castles watch over the wineries of the surroundings.

After a short tour of the city, go to the Gustave Lorentz winery, which is not to be missed under any circumstances. In all simplicity, Georges, the winemaker, welcomes you to his home for a tasting of his wines: Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinots Gris and Noir. You will find all the terroir of Alsace within wines of freshness, subtlety and pleasure. With or without a visit to the cellar, you will be entitled to enjoy a special wine tasting!

Marcel Freyburger Winery

Still heading south towards Colmar, let’s take a moment to explore the city of Ammerschwihr, located next to the great Kaysersberg. Here, it is Christophe and Nathalie who welcome you in their family winery. They have been cultivating their vineyards located next to Kaysersberg for 4 generations: a city full of charm recently re-entered in the closed circle of the “chosen villages preferred by the French”. Don’t miss out on one of the city centre’s delicious restaurants or the renowned quality hotel industry.

At Christophe and Nathalie Freyburger, we simply taste the wines, as well as visit the cellar and the estate on request. It will be an opportunity for you to discover a field led by organic agriculture and the methods used there to work the vine. For gourmets, the winemaker couple offers a tasting with chocolate and wine pairings!

Saint-Rémy Winery

After visiting Colmar, off to Eguisheim, a great name of Alsatian wine production. Here, you will find the Ehrhart family which has cultivated some twenty hectares of vineyards since 1725. Eguisheim actually collects awards; in fact, it has been elected as the favorite village of the French and one of the most beautiful villages of France. So let yourself be tempted by a stroll in the city center between half-timbered houses and floral compositions.

Located on the edge of this Alsatian nugget, Corinne will show you her family estate through a visit to its cellars and a tasting of its range of wines. For local gastronomy lovers, you could try out Kougelhopf: the traditional Alsatian cuisine by excellence that will perfectly match the fruity wines of the house. Over a drink, Corinne will explain how she converted her vineyard into organic farming.

Rieflé-Landmann Winery

Let’s continue our Alsace Wine Route to the village of Pfaffenheim, where Paul and Thomas settled at Domaine Rieflé-Landmann. After enjoying the breathtaking landscapes of this region on these enchanting roads, you will discover Pfaffenheim: an Alsatian haven of peace. In the middle of the forest, this small, typical village of the region will delight nature lovers. Once you have visited the small town, do not miss out on one of the wine institutions of the region.

Paul and Thomas will make you discover their estate in all of its seams: from the vine, to the wineries passing through the tank room and the cellars of breeding. As a couple, as a group or as a family, you will be entitled to enjoy a wine tasting of the wines of the estate for your greatest pleasure. If you are looking for fresh air, opt for the winery’s flagship activity: Vélo'vignes. Over half a day, cycle through the vineyards and discover how the family works their land on a daily basis, with informative panels spread all over the estate.

Materne Haegelin Winery

Last stop, off to Orschwihr to meet Elise at the Cave Materne Haegelin. Between Colmar and Mulhouse, this small Alsatian town named Orschwihr ends our Alsatian Wine Route in style. At the bend of its charming city centre, follow the banks of the Quirrenbach: if the sun is out, you will fall in love with this atypical place.

In Orschwihr, Elise and her family welcome you all year round for a tasting of the wines of the estate … under the banner of femininity. With a visit of the cellar and its impressive tanks, you will know all about the wines of your winegrower encounter!

Discover the vineyards of the must-see cities of Alsace

Discover our winegrowers from the Alsatian appellations

All you need to know about the Alsace Wine Tour

In a few figures, the Alsace Wine Route is a real tourist destination. It is a 170-kilometre route crossing more than 70 towns and villages from Haut-Rhin to Bas-Rhin through the hills. A nice marathon of Alsatian wine-growing towns since out of the 119 registered, there are 67 of them along the Alsatian Wine Route.

In total, you will have the opportunity to stop at more than 300 estates between Marlenheim and Thann. And lovers of Alsatian Grands Crus will be able to taste 49 of the 51 wines of this prestigious appellation during their tour. 

You can take this pleasant tour through the Alsatian vineyards in any way you wish: on foot, on a bicycle, on horseback or by car. Be careful however with the drivers not to abuse the nectare of grapes, between the red wine, the white wine and the rosé wine it is not rare not to know where to give head! So don't forget that spitting is recommended if you want to enjoy it to the end!

On foot, there are no less than fifty routes that cross the Alsatian vineyard. You can also decide to venture there on your own by choosing your route as the circuits are marked with information on the paths you take. But also on how wine is made in Alsace, on the work of the winegrowers on the different terroirs and grape varieties that make up the domains of the Vignoble Alsacien.

In addition, these original tours also give you the opportunity to follow more touristic paths through the communes in order to discover a unique heritage and the magnificent landscapes that make up Alsace.

While pedalling it is the famous Vélo'Route that you will follow on the paths of old railways and ancient Roman roads. A ride accessible to all that you can easily do with your family so that the spectacular landscapes of the Wine Route is no longer a secret for you.

And for the less sporty, Vélo'Route has also planned everything and offers the "Movelo" module which guarantees electric assistance so that everyone can progress at their own pace in complete safety. You will be free to stop at the stages you like, whether it be cultural, gastronomic or wine-related.

Some of you will come across "frequent travellers" who have embarked on the "EuroVelo5" adventure that follows the Via Roma Francigena. Indeed, Alsace is the only region crossed by three EuroVelo: EuroVelo 5 "Via Romea Francigena", EuroVelo 15 "Véloroute Rhin court" and EuroVelo 6 "Atlantik-Black Sea". This makes the region one of the most marked in terms of cycle paths, representing no less than 2,500 kilometres across Alsace.

We advise you to take the Alsace Wine Route during the two summer months of July and August. Indeed, it is during this period that village festivities flourish all over Alsace. Colmar, for example, organizes its Alsace Wine Fair, which is also an opportunity for you to experience a total immersion in the culture of the Great East: half-timbered houses, gingerbread and Riesling.

You can of course also go there in the middle of autumn since this season corresponds to the period of the grape harvest and the tasting of the new vintage. You can also experience it in a different way by joining the harvesting team of one of the estates for a day. Arm yourself with pruning shears and set foot in the vineyards with the professionals to learn all the harvesting techniques.

During this "grape-picker for a day" you will learn everything there is to know about the vine and its work up to the harvest, the harvesting techniques. Then afterwards you will come back to the estate to learn more about winemaking, i.e. the transformation of grape juice into alcoholic wine.

Feel like something unusual, original? Get a GPS and try to find the "geocaches" that have been hidden in the four corners of the Alsatian vineyard. Orienteering races, treasure hunts,... you will not fail to find an activity that suits you! And with a bit of luck this one will be animated by local winegrowers!

You can also try your hand at other means of transport such as gyropods for the more gifted among you or take your children on the little train. Finally, for the intrepid in search of thrills, you will have the possibility to go up in a hot-air balloon or in a microlight.

Who said that you can't do Qi Gong in the vineyards? Or to recharge your batteries in a spa in Alsace? The Tourist Office agencies have many surprises and original activities in store for you that are sure to seduce you!

In any case, when you get there don't forget to take the road from Barr to Rouffach to discover the most typical part of the Alsatian vineyards!

Finally, if you wish to live a more in-depth experience, if you really want to immerse yourself in the world of wine, don't hesitate to participate in more formal activities. Visit the winegrowers to understand their passion for the vines and their everyday work. Tastings, visits to estates, the winemakers will be delighted to show you the magic of their profession.

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